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To my eager fans, I apologize. I am dreadfully late with the next book in the series. Following are a few of my reasons, or excuses if you will.

  •  First, there was Coffee House Writer’s Group (CHWG). When I read some of the next book out loud, the feedback showed me many ways to improve the writing.
  • Then there was Blizzcon.
  • Then there was Chrismas.
  • Then I was sick.
  • After that there was flooding in our finished daylight basement (which we are still working to resolve)
  • And on top of all that, I got a new job (started three weeks ago). GREAT job, but my writing time has become much more limited.

So when I am planning to release the next book? (“Problems in Pairodice,” book 1 of Foredune Revisited, the companion sci-fi trilogy that goes along with Arthe Awakening)

Based on where I am with the writing, and my new schedule, I am trying for July, 2015. However, the “hard deadline” I am giving myself is November, 2015. I need to get the book out, but it needs to be a good read. Again, I apologize for the delay. I appreciate all the wonderful feedback and support from those of you who are reading my books, and I truly hope the wait will be worth it.



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