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My reason, excuse or rationalization (take your pick) for not having written as planned has been (and still is) a major remodel of our family room. Not only has that impacted me, the author; it has also had a major impact on my editor, my wife.

On the positive side, it’s going well, and the end result should be awesome. On the flip side of that, everything from the family room and a downstairs storage area has been piled in various other places throughout the house. My wife/editor has been busy dealing with a variety of issues and contractors, increasing the challenge for her to find time to edit. The cluttered house, the decisions to be discussed, made and re-made, and a few other things I won’t go into, have made it difficult for me to write.

Having a new job, even one I like, adds to the challenge. Recently being assigned to a client in downtown Portland, I’ve added a daily commute to the mix. So I have been remiss in writing and posting. And for that, I apologize.

I did polish up the prologue of the new book, and posted it here this morning. For a host of reasons, I feel like I absolutely MUST be done with Problems in Pairodice, book 1 in the Foredune Revisited science fiction trilogy that intertwines with the Arthe Awakening fantasy trilogy, by the end of October. (Problems in Pairodice is the fourth book of six in the paired trilogy set.)

Please, send me an email (lupusgnome@hotmail.com) if you don’t read something soon. Keep me honest, and accountable!



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