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Happy New Year!

My first two books, “Once There Were Dragons,” and “There Used to be Magic,” are now available locally in Portland, Oregon. Postal Works on 185th NW is carrying them in store.

That is not news; but there is a discount available. The Postal Works has a delightful little gift shop, with tons of wonderful goodies for yourself, your friends, gift
occasions . . . and if you buy something in the store, as well as one of my books, you get a $2 discount on the book!

The other “news” is a heads up about a potential change. When my first book launched, I tried putting it on multiple platforms. (KOBO, NOOK, Kindle)
For the second book, I tried out being only on Kindle, through Amazon’s Kindle KDP Select program, to see if sales would increase. The first week looked good,
but then sales ended up being about the same as for “Once There Were Dragons.” So I am planning on withdrawing from the exclusive KDP Select program, and moving back
to multiple platforms, including Google Play. If you have an opinion about that, please drop me an email at lupusgnome@hotmail.com. I won’t decide until the end of
this month. Everyone who sends me an email about this will be entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of both my books.



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