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So why am I so far behind on my NaNoWriMo word count this year (I’m only at ~16K on 11/24)? I should be all over it. What happened? Well, what did I do? Promoted the new book, launched the website, got involved in social media, wrote, prepared for my first book signing, attending a leadership conference, helped a couple of friends out, marketing the new book signing, made and gave away some bookmarks, wrote a little, raked leaves (a lot of leaves, repeatedly, in order to take advantage of curb side pickups and leaf drop offs), replaced a down spout, cleaned house a couple of times, celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary, got ready to celebrate my wife’s birthday, Thanksgiving preparations, visits with family and friends, reconnected with a few friends, read four of the nine books I was given for my birthday last month, started reading Casting Shadows Everywhere, made my famous cheese pie secretly for my wife’s birthday, shopped for my wife’s birthday, designed/made an anniversary card and a birthday card, raked a lot of leaves, attended some Toastmasters meetings and missed others, attended some writer’s groups and missed others, . . . it’s a mystery to me. I should be done with my 50K words by now; guess I’m just lazy.

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