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If you have time next Wednesday, 8/27/14, I highly recommend you come to the humor workshop being hosted by Daylighters Toastmasters. It will be at our regular meeting time, 06:40 a.m. – 08:00 a.m., and we will be at our “summer” location: St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 12405 SW Butner Rd., Beaverton, OR. Three award winning speakers will share tips and techniques on the effective use of humor in speaking.

All of us, as authors, will be given ample opportunity to speak about our work. Using humor will will not only help your message be received, it will make it more memorable. and usually, if done right, the humor you incorporate will help ease your nerves. Not only do I recommend the workshop, but Toastmasters in general, for authors. In case you aren’t awae of what you might glean from the organization, Toastmasters International helps people learn to speak more effectively, that part is widely know. Fewer people are aware that Toastmasters helps provide growth in becoming a better listener. And there are many chances to learn how to lead more effectively. All this, for less than $100/year.

Let me add more, for authors. You get to hear some great stories, meet fascinating people, pick up dialogue and character traits for your characters . . . examples from this morning:

The Opening Thought today, a quote from Oscar Wilde: BE YOURSELF — everyone else is taken! And during one of the speeches by a new member we were all reminded that each of us is

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