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My first official book review came out! Red City Review had this to say about “Once There Were Dragons” (OTWD):

Once There Were Dragons – Review

Rating: 4 Stars

“. . .
The brilliance of the novel is belied by its unassuming title; from the onset, the reader is warmly invited to a book that is fun, engaging, and intelligent. The action is good and the thrills genuine – for the most part, the book succeeds where so many others fall sadly short in the very difficult task of describing conflict and battle, and rendering these interesting. The world of OTWD is rich with imagery and culture, history and tradition – across the well-balanced story arcs of the novel’s motley lead characters, we are delighted to encounter different cultures and a generosity of perspectives that interact with rich and believable dynamics.

. . .
we have quickly learned to expect and demand wonders from Coomes. “Once There Were Dragons” doesn’t venture anywhere altogether very surprising, but it’s really hard to mind when the journey is so consistently enjoyable. Coomes has created a universe that is so full of charm and possibility that it we can’t help but be eager to delve into further installments.”

Naturally, they had some areas for improvement to mention as well. The complete review is avaialable at :

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