For Fans

What’s going on with me? Here’s the DL (does anyone use that any more?)

What I’m writing
Problems in Pairodice is finished, due to be released June 1, 2018. Beyond Pairodice is progressing nicely, on track to be released later this year.

What I’m reading
I’m reading Siren Song, by Cat Adams, Cate Derringer, by Sally Stember, and I just finished Terry Brooks’ The Druid’s Blade, in the Defenders of Shannara series.

What I’m watching
My wife and I are watching several things when we make time to sit down and watch television in the evenings. Our shows include:

As for movies, we recently saw Pacific Rim: Uprising. Joanne (my wife) isn’t as much into action films as I am, but she enjoyed it, as did I. We’re REALLY looking forward to Solo, releasing next month.

What I’m doing
Today I am giving a speech in Cascade Locks, about an hour from here. I’m the “model speaker” for the Division D Evaluation Contest, and I’ll be talking about “Toastmaster Surprises.” Monday night I am the Toastmaster for the Division H International Speech and Evaluation Contests, being held at the Beaverton police station, in Courtroom B. Gamestorm 20, last weekend, went very well. Our newest games, XAP and Party Politics, received some nice reviews, and a lot of excitement over XAP. Hugh and I worked in Game Lab, as usual. We also branched out, helping with the Play And Win (PAW) Program. Hugh taught players how to play Rollers, One Zero One and Paramedics: Clear!. I taught others how to play Anatomy Fluxx, Get the Cheese, Pirate 21 and BIOTIX.