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Once There Were Dragons

We go planet hopping. En route to our new home we find a planet with dragons and magic. Not interested in messing with them, we use our technology to seal them away.

Then, after a brief sojourn on the planet Arthe (which we rename Foredune), during which we leave a small sample of our technology in addition to those seals, we continue on our way.

Decades later the seals are breaking down. Once There Were Dragons, the first book in the Arthe Awakening fantasy trilogy, picks up with those seals beginning to fail. Arthe/Foredune must learn to deal with the re-emergence of dragons, and magic. Citizens of Arthe also need to manage the bits of technology we left behind, and figure out how to handle alien invasion (which we inadvertently enabled.) The series deals with the world of Foredeune.

A companion sci-fi trilogy, Foredune Revisited, follows us on our journey. We monitor what happens in our wake, desiring to protect ourselves. We not only detect the deterioriation of seals, but the use of portals we created that allow travel between worlds. Foredune Revisited finds us asking whether we must go back and re-seal dragons, magic and aliens to protect ourselves? Or should we destroy them? Perhaps find a way to work together? We have our own alien invasion to deal with, a deadly virus and political intrigue.

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    August 8, 2017 Reply

    This is actually keeping in with Japanese mythology – youkai and lesser spirits are said to dislike electricity, and power lines create electromagnetic fields that repulse them. The two worlds were once one, however were split into two by ‘God’ after a single human proved just how terrifyingly much potential humanity had if they were given access to both technology AND magic.

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