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Once There Were Dragons

N ew Gods came to Arthe, created barriers sealing away dragons and magic, and left. How do the people of Arthe deal with alien invasion, and the return of the dragons, decades later? Find the answers in Book One of the intriguing Arthe Awakening Series: Once There Were Dragons.

There Used to be Magic

A re the portals of Arthe closed, preventing alien creatures from invading? Did the attempt to close them affect the barriers sealing away dragons and magic? Find out in Book Two of the exciting Arthe Awakening Series: There Used to be Magic.

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A ll of Ken’s books can be found at via the following link. They are available in print (over-sized paperback) and e-book formats. The first two books in the fantasy trilogy Arthe Awakening are out now. The first book in the companion science fiction trilogy Foredune Revisited is coming soon.

If you don’t have an e-reader, don’t worry! You can read my books right in your browser, or on any smartphone or tablet.

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