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I have been working furiously to get book 2 in the Arthe Awakening series out in June, as opposed to the originally scheduled release date of November, 2014.
The writing and the editing is almost complete. There will need to be a few more book design changes, and the cover design is not yet done. The book will be
out in early July at the latest, still four months ahead of the original date. Why? Because the fans that offered feedback also offered to beta read,
proofread, edit . . . they didn’t want to wait. YOU didn’t want to wait. So, we’re almost ready to release book 2 in the Fantasy trilogy, Arthe Awakening.

I am striving to get book 1 of the companion Sci-Fi trilogy, Foredune Revisited, out in November. It will be a bit of a challenge, but some of the book is written,
it is all in my head already. Thank all of you for your patience, and your support.

Ken Coomes

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