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I have had some recent conversations about BLOGs, authors, and whether we need them or not. As a consequence of those discussion, thoughts and other circumstances, I have decided to return to blogging. And I’ll return with an entry about my new TV spot, The Write Stuff.

In February, as part of TV Toastmasters, I interviewed a local author and folklorist, Kate Ristau. It went well by all accounts. In March I interviewed a local author and independent publisher, Ben Gorman, Not a Pipe Publishing. That interview was also deemed a success, and my producer suggested I have my “own show,” call it what I wanted to, and focus on interviewing authors, publishers, agents, and those in the industry of writing. Thus was The Write Stuff Born.

I interviewed a local non-fiction writing and PR Princess, Naomi Inman, another local author and speaker, John Bronson, and have interviews lined up for three of the next four months (we tape monthly.) So if you are reading this and you are interested in appearing on television (public access; reaching about 500,000+ subscribers in the greater metropolitan area of Portland, OR) please let me know. My email is lupusgnome@hotmail.com.

Future plans for this BLOG include highlights from some of those interviews, probably links to some and comments about writing. For now I think I’m done. Make it a great week!

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